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In the interim, if you’d like to learn more about managing risk during retirement, you can access the investment resources below.

These videos really dig into the research of how to construct better investment portfolios and make smarter investing decisions with rule-based portfolios. They’re each around 45 minutes, but they are filled with solid information about how the markets really work. They’re also broken up into different sections within the video, so it makes it easier to pause them at those times if you only want to watch them in smaller chunks.

Step 1 – Learn The Truth About Wall Street’s Biggest Myths

Step 2 – Avoid The Biggest Mistake Most Investors Make

Step 3 – How The World’s Best Investors Use Rules-Based Investing Systems In Their Portfolios

Here are a few videos I’ve produced about stocks, bonds, and how to assess the risk of investment strategies.

What Are Stocks?

What Are Bonds?

How Is Investment Risk Measured?

32 Finance & Investing Terms Every Investor Ought To Know

How To Build A Risk Aware Portfolio With Tactical Asset Allocation

I hope both the investment resources and Free Retirement Blueprint help you along your financial journey.

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