Portfolio Recap – January 2019

Portfolio Recap – January 2019

It’s time for the January monthly video recap of the Adaptive Wealth Solutions portfolios. As usual we will go through many of the strategies Adaptive Wealth Solutions offers as well as an overview of the current market climate.

The video recap below includes a performance recap of global growth asset classes, bond asset classes, US sectors, and an overview of the returns of various countries around the globe. We’ll also discuss strength of market trends across the globe and the current value of the Economic Strength Index, a proprietary indicator developed to measure the health of the US economy.

Finally we’ll go through the returns of the various strategies: Multi-Strategy Core, Multi-Strategy Core Long/Short Alternatives, Multi-Strategy Growth, Multi-Strategy Growth Long/Short Alternatives, Multi-Strategy Aggressive Growth, Multi-Strategy Income, Multi-Strategy Income Long/Short Alternatives, Adaptive Momentum, High Quality Value and Shareholder Yield. I will continue iterating on the format of these videos so that I can better provide insight into the portfolios and the markets. So, as usual, if you have feedback, please let me know your comments!

Press the arrows button in the bottom right corner of the video player to maximize the video to full screen. To speed up playback and listen to the recap at a higher speed press the gear icon, Speed, then 1.25x or 1.5x speed.

Useful Resources:
What Is The Economic Strength Index?
How Is Investment Risk Measured?

Disclosure: Performance data illustrated above is taken from an actual AWS tracking account owned by Dieter T. Scherer, Jr.
Performance illustrated is not a GIPS composite of client accounts. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
Please see disclosures slide at the end of the presentation for more information.